Lois has been my “go to” person over the course of many years: when I have needed a garden designed and put in, a fence built (twice!), a new electrical service and wiring updated or track lighting put in my art studio.  She has always provided quality work with integrity and creativity.  She is truly a gifted artist who is masterful at her craft(s).

My favorite project which I worked on with Lois is my front garden which she designed and installed.  What started as a patch of rocks and weeds has grown into a delightful haven right outside my front window.  I love picking bouquets of alstroemeria for my house and our lemon tree supports the whole neighborhood with its luscious fruit.  My daughter’s organic lemonade stand is a hit every summer.

But far more than that, Lois is a magician with people.  When she built the first fence she befriended the neighbor children. She showed them some carpentry so that they felt some ownership of it as well (She even bought them a soccer ball for their help).  With the second fence she skillfully helped negotiate the tricky business of splitting the cost with our neighbors.

I can’t recommend Lois enough!

Barbra MacNair

Lois Simonds is an amazingly gifted landscape designer; she turned our small flat front yard from a boring lawn into a beautiful and 3-dimensional rock garden/xeriscape. She engaged us throughout the design process and communicated her vision with clarity and enthusiasm. She made the complex project (which included a crane!) go through on-time, and clearly indicated cost increases where our desires for "more" would entail a higher cost. We are ecstatic with the results, which have vastly improved the "curb-appeal" of our house. We especially appreciated Lois talking us through the various aspects of her design process, as well as the little things like showing up when she said she would.
-David Gray

                WORK TESTIMONIAL

  My name is Noah Partridge, and I worked for Lois during the time that I was developing plans for establishing a small, sustainable farm. I was attracted to the job initially by the promise of working outdoors, and as a means of strengthening my body.  Also, I have always enjoyed working with small, independent businesses, particularly on projects which promote the native ecology of a region .
  I have since had the opportunity to work on several projects with Lois, and would like to offer this brief testimonial of my experiences.  

 When I began working for Lois, I was struck immediately by the reverence which she displays for every aspect of her work: from the tools which we used, to the native features of the locale. She treated all with great, underlying respect and consideration.  
  She would ask me for my impressions of a site, and would truly consider what I had said.  If I ever had an idea, or a suggestion, she encouraged me to speak up, and we would then discuss the relative merit, or faults of the idea.
 Lois has a great gift to engage with a landscape on an intrinsic and profound level.  This allows her to see a great many things which might be overlooked.  She would always take time to explain the reasoning behind her work, which allowed the home owners and me to become more fully engaged in the project.

  Lois a very strong and active woman. She is also highly conscious of the strain on the body by the many physical demands of the work. She makes her health and the health of her employees a top priority. When the time would come to engage in demanding, physical work, she would always instruct me on the most efficient method to accomplish the task. She would lead by example, and show me the proper  ergonomic methods of using the different specialized tools.  

  I truly enjoyed and valued the time I spent working with Lois. There were numerous enjoyable and enlightening experiences.  I also learned a great many skills, several of which transferred over to other areas of my life.  I highly recommend spending time with Lois, for work or apprenticeship; for anyone who is interested in sustainable landscaping, horticulture, and any related fields.

  Noah Partridge